Investment Terms

Investment Minimum
The minimum investment for GCRC projects is $500,000.

Fees that cover administrative costs, marketing and legal expenses associated with each unit of investment are $60,000. This does not include attorney fees associated with the preparation and submission of the petition assumed by each individual investor.

Investment Structure
GCRC project loans are formed under Limited Partnership of EB-5 investors to a company creating new jobs in the United States.

Investment Term
The average term of the investment is 5-7 years for most projects.

Investment Location
The location of our projects varies, depending on the location of the Regional Center and the respective Targeted Employment Area(s).

Job Creation
The total amount of jobs created varies from project to project, depending on the size of the loan and the scope of the project. The required number of jobs needed for each investment also varies depending on the economic model used to determine the amount of indirect jobs that will be created. Generally, as a conservative precaution to ensure USCIS approval, GCRC requires that projects not only meet the minimum job requirements, but also exceed them. In most cases, generally more than ten jobs per investor are created for each project.

Interest Income
Interest income for the Partnership is the interest payments made by the Borrower. After administrative and monitoring costs are paid, investors receive nominal interest depending on the interest rate which is negotiated based on prevailing key federal loan interest rates. Interest is paid on an annual basis.

Exit Strategy
The investment structure for all Limited Partnerships ranges from 5-7 years. Within two to three years, investors learn the status of their permanent green card application. Once the conditional green card has been approved, investors may no longer withdraw. Once the minimum term has elapsed, investors may leave the Partnership.